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With its inception in 1994, The Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology filled an important gap in therapeutics research in Canada. For ten years, the success of CJCP was the result of the significant vision and efforts of the founding editor, Dr. Neil Shear.

In April 2004, The Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology was innovative in becoming one of the first peer review, Medline indexed scientific journal in the field of therapeutics to be published on the Internet and available at no charge to the readers. This change reflected a vision and philosophy of the Canadian Society for Clinical Pharmacology that original information on rational therapeutics needs to be accessible to all health professionals prescribing or administering medications, as well as for all other stakeholders, including patients and families.

In the fall of 2007, another transformation took place. The Journal of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome International was amalgamated with the Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Fetal Alcohol Research was created as a new section.

In 2010 the journal changed its name to the Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology. This change reflected the international sphere of the authors submitting publications to the journal and as well, the broad scope of topics covered in the journal. In addition to publishing articles in the field of clinical pharmacology, the journal has embraced articles related to pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics and drug policy, hence 'population therapeutics'.

The editorial direction and decision regarding manuscripts published, are managed by the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board and all material is peer reviewed by two reviewers. Editor-in-chief and the Editorial Board are independent of the publisher and are not employees of the publisher.


Intelligence and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Review

Vanessa Karam de Lima Ferreira, Marcelo Cruz


Increase in psychoactive drug prescriptions in the years following autism spectrum disorder diagnosis: a population-based cohort study

Caroline Croteau, Laurent Mottron, Dr, Nancy Presse, Jean-Eric Tarride, Marc Dorais, Sylvie Perreault


Dose-Exposure Simulation for Piperacillin-Tazobactam Dosing Strategies in Infants and Young Children

Céline Thibault, Nastya Kassir, Yves Théorêt, France Varin, Catherine Litalien, Julie Autmizguine

Development and Validation of an Index Score to Adjust for Healthy User Bias in Observational Studies

Dean Trevor Eurich, PhD, Karly A Achtymichuk, BSc Pharm, Jeffrey A Johnson, Dr., Jashu K. Minhas-Sandhu, MSc, Mu Lin, PhD


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PLEASE NOTE: This site is for manuscript submission and tracking purposes.  To view issue of the Journal, please visit